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Content Packages

Video is the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal, but it can be expensive, so it needs to be created in line with a plan. At MWS we specialise in creating tailored content packages for our clients over 6 or 12 months, which give you scheduled delivery of videos specifically designed to achieve your video marketing goals and save you a huge amount on production costs.

Because we can plan ahead and create a production flow for your videos, we are able to factor in great economies of scale and create your videos at a fraction of the usual cost. Pay one simple monthly fee and get 2, 4 or 6 videos per month that fit neatly into your marketing plan. The way people consume video is constantly changing, so at the end of your term we review the plan and make any adjustments and recommendations, allowing you to plan a new cycle of effective video marketing.

What is a content package?

A content package is a defined set of videos, delivered to a pre-set schedule, over a 12- or 6-month period. It might, for example, look like this:








Week 1

1 x product video

1 x product video

1 x stat attack animation

1 x product video

1 x product video

1 x stat attack animation

Week 2







Week 3

1 x case study

1 x case study

1 x industry news

1x case study

1 x case study

1 x industry news

Week 4













There are 3 main advantages of a content package:

  1. Strategy: We work with you to define what video content will best achieve your marketing goals.  Essentially, you get better videos for your business and you know why you are getting them and how to use them for greatest effect.

  2. More Content: Regular, updated, rich content, loved by Search Engines and your customer base.

  3. Cheaper Content: With no loss of quality, we can offer huge discounts on the per video cost by planning your Content Package with you.  Because we can control the production flow, we can build in great economies of scale and make sure you benefit for the savings.

In summary:  Our content strategies mean you will get more content and better content, for less money.

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