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Evoking Emotions

A lot of businesses want to use video production in their marketing strategy because they’ve realised the power and popularity of video and start to envision viral view numbers. The reality can be quite different. When we are asked to come up with some creative ideas for a video we first ask the all important question… What is the video for?

Business is done by people and people are more likely to do business with people they like. There’s a reason people pay a lot of money for top brand perfumes for example, rather than cheaper high street versions; it’s because brands are built on how people feel about them. How is your video going to make people feel? Is this video to show off a certain product? Is it to grow brand awareness? Is it giving advice or tips? Is it going to go on your website or on your social channels?

These things really do matter. Video that works creates an emotional response so if you want your video to be viewed (and shared) by the people that you want to reach you need to create an emotional connection. The purpose of the video should dictate how you want to make them feel.

Is your video funny or entertaining, leaving the viewer feeling amused and more likely to remember you in a fond way? Are they engaged and grateful that you shared that information?

Here is one of my favourite examples of a brand video creating an emotional response from their target audience:

And here is my favourite example of a humourous video making a business more memorable:

It’s a shame when we see videos where businesses have set out to create something to help their business grow and end up with a heavily branded video that’s sits exactly in line with strict brand guidelines and doesn't generate any views or success for them. All because it doesn’t evoke any emotion (other than maybe boredom…).

We hope this has been helpful, even if it just means you’ll always remember who to go to for taxidermy! As always, feel free to leave us feedback or to tell us the subjects you want covered!



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