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All The World's a (Selling) Stage

In working life, in fact any part of life, we all have a certain amount of awareness of how you present yourself to the outside world. Building relationships and first impressions are huge factors as to whether your business moves forward or not.

So what do you do to enhance and develop your ‘image’ or personality so that success comes your way? Is that part of ‘sales’?

At MWS Media you can probably imagine that, given our line of work, we all have a keen interest in the arts in some way. That may be film, theatre, music or art. Myself, I be the theatre one. That’s why I’d like to use this blog to consider how theatre works to conduct sales, business development, and client relationships, and whether that might also be worth a thought for you.

To put it into context: I attended an arts school called Dartington, which was devoted to experimental and soul-searching artistic pursuits. I ended up in business development because I care about collaboration and making great things, and helping a business promote their work and outreach with a video has ended up to be a happy passion. The famous quote ‘All the world’s a stage’ adjusted to a new reason for me to keep business development meaningful and productive.

These are some of the key points below about some theatre elements that inform my experience in business development and therefore what we also consider when creating a video for each client. 

1)    Costume – As there are many different characters even in one story, as it follows you change your appearance according to your audience. At MWS Media we dress a bit casually, as we feel relaxed and more creative this way, but if I have to meet with a stranger who is from a larger and more formal background, I’m going to try to reflect that in my appearance so that it not only shows effort and respect, but encourages you both to interact on the same level. It all depends on the key aspect of you that you would like to get across.

2)    Props – Your key tool that supports your performance. Can you bring an example of your work/product to this meeting to show? This adds credibility. For some this is easier to take into other places than others, for example, I’ve recently met a dress designer who will only ever wear her own clothes, therefore her best form of advertising in public and in meetings. I can’t walk around with a TV screen on my back every day, but I could bring video examples to show. We can always prepare to show evidence in meetings, and if unexpected connections are made outside of work, we can always show a positive and helpful attitude to show our intentions are good for others.

3)    Improvisation – If you’ve ever had a go at this type of acting, a common rule is to give the other actor an ‘open’ answer or statement so that the situation can carry on. People who say ‘no’ or give short and closed answers cut off improvisation and therefore things can end abruptly. It’s the same within business development, with potential and existing clients. Always ask questions and give them opportunities to develop the conversation.

4)    The Script – Actors have lines to say the same way those developing business have a ‘pitch’. But if you remember that awful actor who said their lines with no emotion, it’s also a danger of your own. Don’t let your pitch become your lines with no real conviction behind them. Not only look interested in what you’re saying but experiment with the best ways to communicate it so that it feels authentic to you and to your ‘audience’.

So hopefully those parts of the theatre world have created some consideration to provide a new perspective on business development, keeping the creativity going and enjoyable too! When creating video that promotes business we take the time to cover all these aspects and more, so that the positive image and personality is presented in the most effective way.

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