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Walk The Plank - River Stories, in Reading

We were recently asked to film an event in Reading, on the River Thames. Little did we know it would be a magnificent night-time adventure, with huge “makes”, as they were called, floating around the river. Following a spoken narrative over music that took the water’s natural inhabitants and turned them in to heroes and villains, and even included a monster!

The Walk The Plank team are based in Salford, and travel around the country creating fantastic outdoor arts events that weave in the history of the area they are performing in to the shows.  

We had three camera operators, specifically chosen for their ability to capture high quality video footage in low-light conditions. And we’ve used a mixture of live audio from the event, alongside audience and event organiser vox-pops, to tell a quick highlights narrative about the piece and what it brings to the area, in this video. Doesn’t it look awesome!?!

Have a look for yourself…