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MWS Media Ghostbusters Advert Parody

We love to think our video production can be topical and fun. With the new Ghostbusters film coming soon to a multiplex near you, we decided to create an in-house video marketing homage to the TV advert from the original Ghostbusters film. Shot on location at our studio in Berkshire, the attention to detail is truly nerd-worthy, from the 4:3 aspect ratio to the grainy 1980's SD quality image and every prop and movement. Please feel free to watch, share and laugh at our goofiness. If you want to see just how precise we have been, check out the original advert from the film. It's possible we love Ghostbusters too much.

Also, as you might know we love to show the reality of what we do, especially if its funny. Check out the short "Outtakes" reel below. Video production is not quite as easy as it looks...

And here, because we are so helpful and kind, is the original, if you feel like checking out the comparison and seeing just how nerdy we have been...


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