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Corn Exchange - Crossing Lines

So we do lots of filming for the Corn Exchange, in Newbury. They are always putting on cool events that showcase the real breadth and diversity of the arts in their live outdoor events. We recently got to film this intoxicating piece, performed by a mixture of local artists and the team from Pan.Optikum, along with Newbury’s own Corn Exchange and 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, who bring multi-cultural and multi-lingual aspects to the performance, forcing the audience to focus on the narrative as it meandered through to its conclusion via the mediums of dance, movement, graffiti, and even a massive rain machine! How cool is that?! Well, it was cool until the front row of audience members realised what was happening and got completely soaked! :-)
The stage was huge, as the video showcases, and was also double-sided to allow the narrative of the performance piece to split up and take you on a different journey, depending on what side you were watching.

Check it out…