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Our 5 Top Business Tip Videos

Unique amongst the 12 months of 2016, August has 5 Mondays! That is either 5 chances to have that "Monday Feeling" or 5 chances to grow your business and wow your customers by taking on board some of the best free business advice you will ever stumble across on the interweb. That's right, 5 Monday's, 5 top business tip videos from Ben and Phil at MWS Media, shot right here at our lovely video production facility at Greenham Airfield Studio near Newbury in Berkshire.  Learn from our mistakes, take advantage of our insight and like us you'll be sailing higher than British Astronaut Tim Peake. Not now he's back.  From about December to June. When he was actually high up on the ISS. Which is really high as we understand it. Anyway... Enjoy!


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Work Experience Video Diary

We know how tough it can be to get started in the film and video production industry, so we try and accommodate interns and work placements as often as we can.  Marc spent a week with us at our studio in Newbury, Berkshire during his half term holidays.  As part of his placement we asked him to put his camera work, audio recording and editing skills to the test by creating a documentary about his time with us, learning about professional video production.  This is what he made - and we think it shows that there's yet another talented young filmmaker coming through the ranks.


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