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Who We Are

Everyone at MWS brings something very different to the table, with a diversity of talent and personality that just about perfectly fills the assorted nooks and crannies of video production. It makes working and collaborating together a genuinely great experience. The group also possesses such a strangely large amount of musical flair that we’re seriously considering forming a band.


Ben | Co-Founder & Managing Director

Managing Director, Co-founder

As well as underscoring himself almost constantly as if preparing to launch his own personal theme tune (it’s really very odd), Ben is an award-winning filmmaker, director, and writer who is at his best when cooking up bold, creative ideas and turning them into film reality. He is also a published playwright and children’s author.


Camera Operator

Voted "Most likely to trip over everything on set", Dan is our main camera operator.
He has a degree in Broadcast Media which set up a career in TV, feature films and commercials. Now specialising in corporate and promotional material, Dan also runs obstacle courses and events for charity.


Phil | Co-Founder & Head of Production

Head of Production, Co-founder

Phil could technically set Ben’s theme tune to music, as the two MWS founders first joined forces when Phil composed tracks for Ben’s first published play. Phil is still writing music today (often for MWS projects) and is sitting on an astonishing quantity of original songs. As well as a skilled audio engineer and musician, he is also a stellar organiser who likes to keep busy. If you meet him one day and he looks like Jesus and then you meet him a week later and he looks like Ghandi, rest assured this is normal. He gets bored easily and takes it out on his hair.

Phil T

Web & SEO Manager

Not to be confused with Mr T from the A-Team! Phil is our resident Jedi Master of all things Web.

With a BSc (Hons) degree in Business Information Technology Phil is very much a self-proclaimed IT geek! When prized away from a computer Phil is an avid golfer, TV & Film enthusiast and family man.


Nick | Audio Recordist, Editor & Producer

Production Manager/Producer

King of the witty comeback, Nick is nonetheless not too proud to admit he spends quite a lot of time perfectly crafting his creative insults. He strangely enjoys walking straight into situations that shave years off his life – creating great films with no budgets, playing rugby and guitar with a touring rock band. As well as all-round producing, he also specialises in audio and has a degree in music production.

Content Hub

We’ve set up a content hub and filled it with tips, templates, video guides and more so that you can understand more about what we do, harness the full power of video or even empower your team to start shooting their own video in house. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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